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Price Comparison

Normal Cigarette User Vs NUCIG E Cigarette User



As you can see from the above, even if you are a light smoker - you could save over £730 in the first year of use. More of your money in your pocket and a healthier new way of smoking !

    • A normal pack of 20 cigarettes is about £11, whereas the equivalent NUCIG filters cost is about £1.50
    • Savings of around £9.50 per packet of 20 normal cigarettes
    • Light smoker of 10 cigs a day, could save £730 per year
    • Medium smoker of 20 cigs a day, could save £1,460 per year
    • Heavy smoker of 30 cigs a day, could save £2,920 per year
    • Very heavy smoker of 40 cigs a day, could save £4,380 per year


NUCIG - A Proud UK Brand

Based right here in the UK, offerring high quality and value for money

Established Since 2008

One of the very first pioneers of e cigarettes in the UK

Replaced Over 100M Cigs

Helped Tens of Thousands of users to find a real alternative